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Established in 2003 Xinxiang Taihang Jiaxin Electrical Technology Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design development and production of power supply equipment and systems storage battery charging and discharging devices storage battery management system and detection instruments power supply system for electric vehicles and AGVs Automatic Guided Vehicles We are located in Xinxiang He nan province with convenient transportation access We has a complete production quality management system and passed the ISO9001 2000 version quality management system CE and military secret certification level III certification Some products have entered the...

Categories and Products

AGV Charger

AGV Fast Charger

AGV Multiple Battery Banks Rapid Battery Charger 24V 48V Fast Charging Automatic AGV Battery Charger Electric Pallet Trucks VRLA NiCd LiFePO4 Battery Chargers With LCD Touch Screen Rapid Battery Charger 48v 24V 48V Electric Pallet Trucks Battery Quick Charger Opportunity Charging Modular High Frequency AGV Charger 24V Battery Powered Electric Forklift Quick Battery Charger Customized Electric Pallet Truck Quick Battery Charger Battery Powered Pallet Forklift Fast Battery Charger Intelligent rapid charger for industrial robot Intelligent Battery Charger for Automated Guided Vehicle 

AGV Intelligent Charger

High Quality Intelligent Battery Charger for AGV Forklift Nickel-Cd Batteries Intelligent Portable Charger AGV Intelligent Fast Automatic Battery Charging Chargers 24V 48V Intelligent Lipo Battery Chargers For AGV Intelligent Lipo 24V 48V AGV Battery Charger Li-ion LiFePO4 Guided Vehicle Intelligent Battery Charger Battery Powered Self Driving Vehicles Smart Battery Charger High Quality Intelligent Storage Batteries Activation Device SCR/SMPS Technology Industrial Battery Charger Smart Microprocessor Controlled Stationary Battery Charger Intelligent rapid charger for industrial automation Modular intelligent chargers for electric forklift AGVs LCD Touch Screen Intelligent Battery Charging System High Quality Battery Charger for Electric Forklift AGV 

AGV Battery Charger And Discharger

AC220V DC48V 300W Battery Charger and Discharger Equipment Battery Charger and Discharger for Battery Activation 2-phase 60A AGV Battery Charging Systems Industrial Application Battery Charge and Discharge Device 

Battery Charging And Discharging Equipment

AGV Battery Maintenance System

AGV Electric Forklift Battery Portable Charger Discharger Easy Handling AGV Battery Maintenance Charger Discharger VRLA Ni-Fe NiCd NiMh Battery Charger and Discharger High Efficiency Low Maintenance AGV Battery Charger Maintenance Auto Battery Charger 48V for Forklift AGV 

Battery Maintenance Equipment

Charging and Discharging Equipment for Secondary Battery Easy handling intelligent portable battery charge discharge Battery Management System for Rechargeable Batteries Alkaline and Lead-acid Storage Battery Charger Discharger Multifunction Battery Capacity Tester Equipment NiMH Battery Charge and Discharge Maintenance Equipment Automatic Constant Current Charge and Discharge Machine Multifunction Battery Charging and Discharging Device 

Railway Vehicle Charger And Discharger

Diesel Generator Railway Vehicle Battery Charger Railway Locomotive Vehicle Battery Charge Discharge Device 

Battery Charger

Lead Acid Battery Charger

24V 36V 48V Electric Forklift Truck Battery Charger 24V/36V/48V VRLA Battery Charger for Electric Forklift 24V 48V Lead-Acid Battery Charger electric pallet truck Portable Power Supply 24v for VRLA Battery High Frequency Power Supply for Lead-acid Auto Battery Self Guided Vehicle Rated Voltage Lead-acid Battery Charger Lead Acid Battery Quick Charger for Electric Forklift Output 150V 30A Lead-acid Battery Charger Output 300V 80A Lead-acid Battery Charger Constant Potential Current Limit Lead-acid Battery Charger Lead Acid Battery Charger for Electric Forklift 

LiFePO4 Battery Charger

24V/36V/48V Lifepo4 Electric Pallet Truck Battery Charger LiFePO4 Electric Pallet Truck Intelligent Battery Charger LiFePO4 Electric Forklift Battery Charger LiFePO4 electric forklift Quick charger Intelligent Quick Chager for LiFePO4 Storge Baterry AGV LiFePO4 Battery Intelligent Charger Portable Power Supply for LiFePO4 Battery 

Lithiumion Battery Charger

24V 48V AGV Intelligent Lithium Ion Battery Charger BMS Battery Management System for Rechargeable Batteries 24V 48V Switching Lithium Battery Power Supply Lithium Battery 24V Battery Charger Switch Power Supply AGV 24V 48V Lithium Battery Quick Charger AGV Portable Lithiumion Battery Charger High Quality 24V 48V Lithium ion Battery Charger 24V 48V Lithiun Battery Intelligent Quick Charger 24V 48V AGV Intelligent lithium Battery Charger 

Nickel Cadmium Battery Charger

Stationary Battery Charger for Nickel Cadmium Battery Nickel Cadmium Battery Chargers for AGVs Electric Forklifts Intelligent Portable Charger for Nickel Cadmium Batteries High Quality Adjusted Nickel Cadmium Battery Charger 

NiMH Battery Charger

NiMH Battery Charge and Discharge Maintenance System Output DC 600V 10A NiMH Battery Maintenance Equipment 

Battery Management System

BMS For Lithium Ion Battery

Better Performance 24V/100AH Deep Cycle Lithium Battery Pack 

BMS For LiFePO4 Battery

24V 150AH LiFePO4 AGV Battery Charger with BMS 24V 150AH AGV Lithium Battery Charger with BMS 

Battery Charging Contacts

Single Phase Charging Contacts

Single Output >200W Output 48V DC Power Supply Single Phase AGV Battery Charging Contacts 

2 Phase Charging Contacts

2-phase Battery Charging System Battery Charging Contacts 2 Phase 60A System Battery Charging Contacts 2 Phase 100A System Battery Charging Contacts 2 Phase 200A System Battery Charging Contacts 

AGV Battery Charging System

Automatic Guided Vehicles Battery Charging Contacts 

AGV Charging Support

Battery Charging Support for Automatic Guided Vehicles 

DC Power Supply

Switching Mode Power Supply

High Frequency Switch Mode Substation Battery Charger Auto Charger Switching Power Supply for Lead-acid Battery 72V Battery Charger Industrial Switching Power Supply Intelligent Battery Charger 24V Switching Power Supply SMPS Li-ion LiFePO4 electric forklift battery charger SMPS Automated Guided Vehicle Li-ion Battery Charger Silicon Controlled Rectifier Technology Battery Charger DC Power Supply Substation Battery Charger and Rectifier 48V 110V 220V thyristor controlled battery charger Automatic and Manual Thyristor Battery Charger Industrial Battery Charger Silicon Controlled Rectifier Portable Switching Power Supply 24v Lead-acid VRLA Battery 

Emergency Power Supply

24V DC Emergency Power Supply Industrial Battery Charger 36V DC Emergency Power Supply Industrial Battery Charger 48V DC Emergency Power Supply Industrial Battery Charger 72V DC Emergency Power Supply Industrial Battery Charger 110V DC Emergency Power Supply Industrial Battery Charger 220V DC Emergency Power Supply Industrial Battery Charger 

Backup Power Supply

CE&ISO Certificate Top Quality Intelligent Battery Charger SCR Technology 110VDC Substation Battery Charger Thyristor Controlled Battery Charger DC 220V 60A 220VAC-380 VAC input 48V-220VDC output rectifier charger 48v Industrial application DC power supply battery rectifier Input 220V Output 110v DC Powre Supply 

Electrical Load Power Supply

Single Phase Input DC Output 110vdc Battery Charger Reliable Industrial Power Supply 220VAC to 110VAC 220VAC to 110VDC Power Supply Industrial Battery Charger Three Phase Input DC Output 110VDC Battery Charger 

Special Power Supply

48V/200A battery charger for towing vehicles power supply Overcurrent Protection and Security switching power supply AC/DC Industrial Battery Charger 220V 60A for Customized Accuracy Rechargeable AC and DC Customized Battery Charger 

Battery And Battery Packs

Nickel Cadmium Battery

High Discharge Rate Nickel Cadmium Alkaline Storage Battery 

LiFePO4 Battery Pack

24V 50AH LiFePO4 Battery Pack with Anderson Plug 24V/48V Prismatic LiFePO4 Battery Pack with Built-in BMS 

Lithium Ion Battery Pack

24V/80AH Li-ion Battery Pack with BMS for AGVs 24V/40AH Li-ion Battery Pack with Standard Anderson Plug 24V 40Ah Special Using Lithium Battery Pack 24V 60Ah Special Using Lithium Battery Pack 24V 80Ah Special Using Lithium Battery Pack 24V 100Ah Special Using Lithium Battery Pack 24V 40Ah Lithium Battery Pack Power Solution 24V 60Ah Lithium Battery Pack Power Solution 24V/80Ah Lithium Battery for AGV and Mobile Robots Mobile Robots Electric Vehicles 24V/100Ah Lithium Batteries 

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